Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Just Who Is TIMOTHY N. STELLY, SR. Anyway?

Timothy N. Stelly is a poet, novelist and screenwriter from northern California whose 2008 novel, HUMAN TRIAL (All Things That Matter Press), is the first part of a sci-fi trilogy that tells the story of an alien attack that decimates nearly all human, animal and plant life on earth, and explores the human dynamics that unfold as America attempts to rise from the ashes. 

Timothy N. Stelly, Sr. is a unique poet/novelists whose writing interlaces various genres, and mixes in pinches of romance, politics, psychology and satire. In 2009 the first part of his scifi trilogy, Human Trial (All Things That Matter Press) was nominated as a SORMag (Shades Of Romance Magazine) Book of the Year. 

The story focuses on the pressures faced by a small group of every day Americans who are forced to cooperate after an alien attack that elevates the earth’s temperature to lethal levels and decimates the population and food supply. The central characters, Daron and Regina Turner, hold together a ragtag group of survivors, while trying to raise a child born from unusual circumstances. 

“Human Trial raises the question what is the bigger threat to man, a foreign invader or man himself? It deals with tribalism and the flaws of the individual—such as greed, racism and the sometimes insatiable thirst for power. At the same time it is a story of hope, love and the American spirit as families, cities and the country attempts to rebuild, all the while struggling to hold on psychologically as they worry about threats real and imagined.” 

His second book, HUMAN TRIAL II: ADAM’S WAR is a tale of romance, revolution and rebirth as Adam Turner leads an outgunned contingent of everyday Americans into battle against their alien nemesis.  

“I never saw myself as a cookie-cutter fiction writer,” Stelly says. “There is too much repetition, and as an author, I seek to distinguish myself from the pack. I write because I like to provoike thought and come from an angle that others might seem a bit timid to express. First, I define myself as a social satirist—part Richard Pryor, part Richard Wright. I know those are big shoes to fill, but I think I’m up to the task.” 

The unique quality that sets Stelly apart from others is his ability to segue from a tenor heavy with urban gravitas, but provokes mainstream sensibilities. He can produce searing “keeping it real” social commentary punctuated with satirical dialogue or narrative; or he’ll capture the essence of romance set against a backdrop of individualism and revolution, as he did in the Human Trial trilogy. 

The third part of this unique scifi triumvirate is HUMAN TRIAL II: THE FINAL CONFLICT, due in 2012. This story blends scifi, warfare and romance set against the backdrop of a rebuilding, but fragile America. 

The war-weary Adam Turner is set to enjoy life with his family until  U.S. President Thaddeus Lord summons him to train the country’s fledgling armed forces. The person sent to convince Adam is Colonel Tawanna Chenier, a brilliant military strategist in her own right. After the President is assassinated, Adam and Tawanna learn that a South American warlord possesses a nuclear weapon and is seeking the means to wage war against America. Moreover, he has built a hybrid population that he uses as slaves and frontline soldiers against any potential attack. 

With the country facing a nuclear strike, Adam and Tawanna lead a battalion of 200 raw recruits into the jungles of South America. Despite the toils of war, the attraction between Adam and Tawanna builds, but their focus is on their duty, as they arrive e in South America for what shapes up to be the western hemisphere’s most important battle for survival. 

Where to purchase the HUMAN TRIAL trilogy: 

In HUMAN TRIAL author Timothy Stelly’s story of survivors who battle aliens who have heated earth’s climate to lethal levels.http://tinyurl.com/3fnzn3w 

HUMAN TRIAL II: ADAM’S WAR the story of desperate Americans battling to survive and rebuild in a post-apocalyptic world. The first three chapters of HUMAN TRIAL II: ADAM'S WAR are posted at http://www.chapterpreview.com/uploads/HT2_20_percent.pdf
To purchase click here: http://tinyurl.com/3rczwyo Coming soon:

HUMAN TRIAL III: NATIONAL SECURITY—The final chapter in the Turner family saga. Amazon.com author's page:  http://tinyurl.com/5utbfkj


  1. Timothy Stelly's books keep readers on the edge of their seats!

  2. Tim's a solid writer of scify that challenges the reader to think about the values and meaning of life.