Monday, 5 September 2011

Storm's Choice flows to Dark Moon

Fantastic News!

What can be more exciting than a title change!

 During the edit it became clear that the title Storm's Choice was too cutesy and sweet - and therefore misleading. Make no mistake, the story is romance, but there is more to it, as the cover announces boldly.
My editor from All Things That Matter Press asked me to think of something different/better. I went blank
In the end
Personally I have always felt that the title was all wrong - and lets face it, the title of the book has a very important job - to give the reader a one-word synopsis of what the book is about. In this case, yes, Storm has a choice to make, but that's not all.
There are elements of witchcraft in it - don't get me wrong, there aren't people running around waving wands about! Nor is it a textbook on the craft. Read it with an open mind!
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