My Books

My first novel, Storm's Choice, is soon to be published by All Things That Matter Press. Set in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa, Storm's Choice is the story of love and betrayal and misplaced loyalty and control and confusion.

Storm has a choice to make, but is her information and perceptions reliable? Isn't she being unduly influenced? The line between understanding and confusion is a delicate one, after all. Trevor is an attractive man, but he is an expert at interfering with people's thoughts and so to bend them to his will. Then there is a chance meeting with far-reaching effects.

Storm's Choice is the story of Storm, Trevor and Jarred. In Storm's words, "One knew what to do with her, but he didn't love her. The other loved her, but had no idea what to do with her." One wanted to control her, and only one wanted her as his wife. Storm finds herself, her friends and every one she holds dear in mortal danger. What can she do to neutralize the evil that is following her?

Twists and turns and riveting plot lines will have you guessing from chapter to chapter - you won't be able to put it down until the dramatic ending. Read it on a stormy night, and you'll find yourself jumping at things that go bump in the night.

Happy Reading!