Friday, 11 November 2011

Just who is Sandy Cohen anyway?

I’m a former professor, jazz musician, big deal movie star (okay, co-star of one movie shot in Northern China, “Do Not Disturb”) public radio commentator, star of a public television series, and currently a full-time writer, and part-time kayak fisherman, bookbinder and chauffer to my nearly-perfect children.  My novel, Revelations, is an always funny, sometimes poignant, occasionally wise story about an ordinary guy, Manny, who goes to Greece after his wife dies and meets an extraordinary guide, Abis, half Native American, half madman, who leads Manny through crazy series of misadventures and eventually back to life.  I promise you it’s the funniest book you’ll read this year



  1. "Revelations" sounds like a great read and I sure could use some funny in my life right now. I have quite enough "madmen" in it...literally!

  2. Authors don't come much funnier than Sandy Cohen! Go read his book "Revelations" and see what I mean.