Thursday, 11 August 2011

Melissa Studdard - what a girl!

Welcom to Thursday's Wobbles! The week is nearly at an end and come weekend the sparks will fly againS in Funckey Friday and Symbol Saturday. But for today, and just for today, I would like to make this post a tribute to a wonderful friend and member of the All Things That Matter Press team  who had her wildest dreams come rue this week! Melissa Studdard's book, Six Weeks To Jahidah immediately went to the number one seller spot on Amazon! How amazing is that for any writer!
We are all at All Things That Matter Press very much in awe of Melissa's accomplishment and I suppose the question on everybody's lips - will there be a volume # 2?
Everybody has a book written, but how many of the ever get published? And that not because it isn't any good, but because there are so many books that sometimes the best go unnoticed and unpublished. The latest statistic is that one in fifty thousand that is 1/50 000 - gets itself into print. And then there is always the question if anybody would want to buy it to read it, anyway.
Melissa Studdard is the new name in print, and I dare say, she will never have to worry about future works - she has made it. 
Here is the link to her sales page:
Lets all support a great writer, somebody who can finally challenge other popular children's fantasy works,
Melissa Studdard.
You rock, girl!

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  1. I just saw this. Thanks for honoring my book with your blog, Maggie!! Hugs! Melissa